Butterfly Knife Tricks

A butterfly knife, also known as a Balisong, is a unique and fascinating folding knife with two handles that can be rotated around its pivot. This allows for mesmerizing and skillful tricks, making it a popular choice among knife enthusiasts, collectors, and practitioners of the art of flipping.

For beginners and those looking to practice safely, there are Butterfly Knife Trainers or Balisong Trainers available. These trainers have blunt or unsharpened blades, ensuring a reduced risk of injury during practice sessions while still allowing you to master the art of butterfly knife tricks.

1. Basic Opening and Closing:

The first step in mastering butterfly knife tricks is learning the basic opening and closing technique. This trick is the foundation for more advanced maneuvers and involves smoothly flipping the knife open and closed. To learn how to do this trick, click here.

2. The Zen Rollover:

The Zen Rollover is a stylish trick that involves flipping the butterfly knife in a circular motion around one handle. This move requires coordination and finesse to execute smoothly. To learn how to do the Zen Rollover, click here.

3. The Chaplin:

The Chaplin is a flashy trick that combines a Zen Rollover with an additional flip before catching the knife. This impressive move is sure to grab attention and showcase your skill. To learn how to do the Chaplin, click here.

4. Y2K Rollover:

The Y2K Rollover is a challenging but rewarding trick that involves rotating the butterfly knife in your hand and catching it in a reverse grip. This move demands practice and patience to perform accurately. To learn how to do the Y2K Rollover, click here.

5. Aerials:

Aerials are advanced butterfly knife tricks that involve flipping the knife into the air and catching it with precise timing and control. There are various aerial tricks, such as the Helix Aerial, the Aerial Attraction, and the Y2K Ariel, each requiring expert-level skills. To learn how to do Aerials with a butterfly knife, click here.

6. Behind the 8-Ball:

Behind the 8-Ball is a visually captivating trick where the knife is flipped around the hand in a figure-eight motion. It's a complex move that takes dedication to master, but it's sure to impress anyone watching. To learn how to do the Behind the 8-Ball trick, click here.

7. Fanning:

Fanning involves quickly flipping the butterfly knife open and closed in a continuous and elegant motion. It's a graceful trick that showcases a fluid understanding of the knife's mechanics. To learn how to do Fanning with a butterfly knife, click here.