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XDYY Jellyfish Balisong Butterfly Knife Trainer

XDYY Jellyfish Balisong Butterfly Knife Trainer

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Dive into the art of Butterfly Knives & Balisongs with the Jellyfish Balisong Butterfly Knife Trainer. This non-sharp Butterfly Knife Trainer is perfect for aspiring flippers and enthusiasts, providing a safe and mesmerizing way to practice and perfect your moves. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, the Jellyfish Balisong Butterfly Knife Trainer is your ticket to mastering the graceful art of Butterfly Knife maneuvers with ease. Another great butterfly knife for similar uses is this one.


Product information:
Color classification: transparent clown, transparent jellyfish
Weight: 60g
Total length: 25cm
Blade length: 13cm
Handle material: PC(polycarbonate)
Blade material: PC(polycarbonate)

Packing list:

Butterfly knife X1 Set

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